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The Tennessee District Attorneys
General Conference

The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference was created by the General Assembly in 1961 to provide for a more prompt and efficient administration of justice in the courts of this state. The Conference is composed of both the District Attorneys General from the state’s 31 judicial districts and this office – the office of the Executive Director. Our primary job is to equip, support and advocate for the District Attorneys General as they work to administer justice and serve their communities.

We accomplish this by managing the fiscal, personnel, property management, IT, training and specialized prosecution needs of their offices. Further, our office serves as the liaison between the District Attorneys General and other governmental agencies, including the courts, the General Assembly, the executive branch, and the Office of the Attorney General and Reporter.


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This week, we had the honor of attending the TN Fraternal Order of Police's annual memorial for officers killed in the line of duty. We remember & thank these brave officers & their families for their immense sacrifice & honor all officers continuing to serve.

3 days ago

We know this time of year is exciting! With graduation, prom and senior nights, there is a lot to celebrate. Please stay safe this season by remembering to do the following:...

5 days ago

Happy Mother’s Day from the Conference! Today we celebrate all the mothers and mother-figures in our lives. Thank you for all you do!...

1 week ago

The 6th District, led by , is full of great staff members who got their start as interns! Interning is one of the best ways to learn about what DAs & ADAs do every day. To learn more about internship programs near you, contact your local DA:

1 week ago

TN District Attorneys are elected by the residents of their judicial districts every 8 years. They are responsible for the prosecution of criminal cases on behalf of the state, but often their day-to-day work includes so much more. To learn more, visit:

1 week ago

Happy State Employee Recognition Day! We appreciate and are grateful for our wonderful state employees who show their dedication daily.

2 weeks ago

May is . Every day, the districts work with children who are facing abuse, neglect & endangerment. Meaning, we are acutely aware of the difference a safe home can make in a child’s life. For more info about foster care, visit

2 weeks ago

We want to wrap up our celebration by simply restating how much we admire the strength and resilience victims of crime demonstrate every day. We will continue to do all we can to provide support to them before, during and after the court process!

2 weeks ago

Your Tennessee DAs advocate everyday to ensure victims are heard, supported & respected. This year, we took our message to the TN legislature & introduced several bills that aim to improve victims’ rights & services. We're confident these reforms can make TN safer & stronger!...

3 weeks ago