The Tennessee District Attorneys
General Conference

The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference was created by the General Assembly in 1961 to provide for a more prompt and efficient administration of justice in the courts of this state. The Conference is composed of both the District Attorneys General from the state’s 31 judicial districts and this office – the office of the Executive Director. Our primary job is to equip, support and advocate for the District Attorneys General as they work to administer justice and serve their communities.

We accomplish this by managing the fiscal, personnel, property management, IT, training and specialized prosecution needs of their offices. Further, our office serves as the liaison between the District Attorneys General and other governmental agencies, including the courts, the General Assembly, the executive branch, and the Office of the Attorney General and Reporter.


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In honor of , we’re spotlighting TN Mental Health Courts. These courts provide involved, intense supervision and support and have seen inspiring results. A great example of this success can be found in Memphis with the 's office. (1/2)

1 week ago

On this day, we pause to recognize and remember all of those we lost in the Sept. 11 attacks 20 years ago. We also honor those who stepped up to serve, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice....

2 weeks ago

The TNDAGC state offices will be closed Monday, Sept. 6, in honor of Labor Day....

3 weeks ago

Purchasing drugs anywhere but a pharmacy is dangerous; you can’t be sure about what you’re actually getting. You may not know there is fentanyl in your product until it is too late. Learn more about the dangers of fentanyl by visiting

3 weeks ago

We are continuing our Specialty & Diversion Courts Series by spotlighting Safe Baby Courts. These courts focus on ages 0–4 and were created as part of the Tennessee Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Initiative in 2010. To learn more, visit:

3 weeks ago

Have you ever heard of Criminal Injuries Compensation? The CIC fund is dedicated to providing financial assistance to victims of violent crime in TN. Victims and claimants can apply to be reimbursed for a variety of expenses including counseling, medical bills, and lost wages. 1/...

3 weeks ago

What is a CAC? "The one place that provides a safe, child-friendly environment where LE, child protective services, prosecution, medical and mental health professionals may share info & develop effective, coordinated strategies sensitive to the needs of each unique case & child.”...

4 weeks ago

That’s all for our ! Thanks for following along to see what our canine companion was up to today. We are so thankful for Orson and his mom, ADA Lund, who serve Tennessee every day! Now time for a nap💤

1 month ago