The Tennessee District Attorneys
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The Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference was created by the General Assembly in 1961 to provide for a more prompt and efficient administration of justice in the courts of this state. The Conference is composed of both the District Attorneys General from the state’s 31 judicial districts and this office – the office of the Executive Director. Our primary job is to equip, support and advocate for the District Attorneys General as they work to administer justice and serve their communities.

We accomplish this by managing the fiscal, personnel, property management, IT, training and specialized prosecution needs of their offices. Further, our office serves as the liaison between the District Attorneys General and other governmental agencies, including the courts, the General Assembly, the executive branch, and the Office of the Attorney General and Reporter.


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Did you know? The size of Abraham Lincoln’s nose on a penny is roughly the amount of fentanyl it takes to kill someone. Learn more about the dangers of fentanyl at the link below. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is out there.

2 days ago

If you see something, say something: 🔘In the case of an emergency or life-threatening situation, call 911 🔘 To report child abuse or neglect in TN, call 877-237-0004 🔘 To make a secure, online report of child abuse or neglect in TN, visit

3 days ago

We’re sharing information about Veterans’ Treatment Courts one more time as part of our Specialty & Diversion Courts Series. [1/5]...

1 week ago

We’re expanding on yesterday’s post to talk more about Veterans’ Treatment Courts. Heather Watson, the Court Coordinator for the Blount County Veterans’ Treatment Center in Maryville, Tenn., offered some insight into the process of creating their local VTC. [1/4]...

1 week ago

Today, the Conference is highlighting Veterans’ Treatment Courts as a part of the Specialty & Diversion Courts Series. Read this thread for more details about these specialty courts. [1/4]...

2 weeks ago

Next up for our Specialty & Diversion Courts series is DUI Courts. Listen below as 21st Judicial District ADA Dale Evans explains why these courts are unique and how they make Tennessee safer. Learn more:

3 weeks ago

We’re continuing to highlight our summer interns across the state! Addie Davis is an intern in the 8th District with . She spent the last four summers interning with the Scott & Campbell County offices and plans to pursue a career in the medical field.

3 weeks ago

Child abuse remains the most under-reported crime in our nation. According to , there were 67,158 reported cases of child abuse and neglect in Tennessee from 2019–2020. To learn more about the reporting process in Tennessee, visit:

3 weeks ago