Victim/Witness Services

All 31 District Attorneys General have staff dedicated to working with victims and witnesses of crime. Their primary mission is to help victims navigate the criminal justice system in a meaningful way and advocate for their voices to be heard. No one volunteers to be a victim. Which is why we fervently believe victims and survivors need an ally who can assist them in processing the trauma they have experienced and tools to help them recover from the devastating impact of crime.

The district’s Victim Witness Coordinators and Assistant Victim Witness Coordinators rise to that challenge every day, and they fight to ensure all victims are treated with dignity and respect.

Core Services Provided:

Support and information to help victims navigate the criminal justice system

Information for victims on their constitutional rights

Hearing and case status notifications

Accompanying victims to court

Referrals to community resources

Restitution information

Information on criminal injury compensation

If you need help or would like to speak to a representative from your local Victim/Witness Services Unitsimply visit our Find Your District tab. Your local victim witness coordinators are the best resources for learning what services are available in your area. These services are available to meet a variety of needs victims often face such as emergency housing and counseling.