Tennessee District Attorneys host Season to Remember events to honor those lost to violent crime

December 12, 2023 –  The holiday season can be especially difficult for those who have lost loved ones to violent crime. Tennessee’s District Attorneys are working to help ease that pain by hosting Season to Remember events throughout the state.  

Each District Attorney’s Season to Remember event is unique, but they are all dedicated to the same purpose – pausing to remember the names and lives of those who were lost to homicide. This year, twelve different events were hosted by local District Attorneys throughout the state across all three grand divisions. In total, hundreds of victims of crime were remembered.  

During the ceremonies, surviving family members were invited to join in the remembrance by hanging ornaments on trees and wreaths to honor their loved one’s memory. Each district then found a prominent place to display these trees and wreaths, often their local courthouse, in hopes that members of the public will also join in pausing to remember those lost to violent crime.  

Victims Remembrance Tree, Gen. Barry Staubus in partnership with Hope for Victims (2nd Judicial District – Dec. 1st)

Tree of Remembrance, Gen. Jimmy Dunn (4th Judicial District – Dec. 1st)  

A Season to Remember, Gen. Ryan Desmond (5th Judicial District – Dec. 4th)  

Victims Remembrance Tree, Gen. Charme Allen in partnership with Hope for Victims (6th Judicial District – Nov. 30th

Season to Remember, Gen. Shari Tayloe (10th Judicial District – Nov. 28th

Season to Remember, Gen. Coty Wamp (11th Judicial District – Dec. 4th

Ribbons for a Reason, Gen. Craig Northcott (14th Judicial District – Nov. 9th

On Wings of Love, Gen. Robert Nash (19th Judicial District – Dec. 5th

Night to Honor, Gen. Brent Cooper (22nd Judicial District – Dec. 5th

Season of Remembrance, Gen. Steve Mulroy (30th Judicial District – Nov. 27th

Season to Remember, Gen. Christopher Stanford (31st Judicial District – Dec. 11th

Tennessee Season to Remember, Statewide* 

*Hosted in partnership with the Tennessee Board of Parole, Tennessee Department of Corrections, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, the office of Secretary Tre Hargett, the office of State Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti, the office of State Treasurer David H. Lillard, Jr., Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, Tennessee Department of Finance and Administration’s Office of Criminal Justice Programs, and the Tennessee Rehabilitative Initiative in Correction (TRICOR).